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Following the publication of the paperbacks of my books 50 Mistakes Beginner Writers Make and 50 More Mistakes Beginner Writers Make last month I have been pretty busy writing about writerly errors and answering questions about non-fiction.

Allow me to direct you towards it all …

Patsy with some of her many books

1/ First off, Patsy Collins, who runs both her own Words About Writing and Writing About Words blog as well as the Womagwriter’s Blog, recently invited her readers to submit questions to me about breaking into writing non-fiction for magazines, with one lucky winner winning a copy of one of my books.

You can read all the excellent questions, and my detailed responses, right here.

(And, you may also be interested in reading Patsy’s Guest Mistake from the Mistakes vaults, which she wrote a couple of years ago. Click here for that.)

2/ Next, Carol Bevitt kindly invited me to submit to a writer’s Q&A on her blog, Carol’s Corner. Carol asked me about my writing books, about my allergy books, and about my future books … and for any key advice for someone thinking of writing their own non-fiction books.

You can read my answers to these on Carol’s blog here.

3/ And finally, Diana Nadin of the Writers Bureau, with whom I spent many happy years tutoring non-fiction to thousands (yes, really) of students worldwide, asked me to write a guest blog about writing mistakes … and I jumped at the chance to opine on all matters error-ly!

In the piece, I encourage the reader and aspiring writer to go ahead and make mistakes, as I no doubt am still making very day. It’s a ‘pro mistake’ article, and there is some advice on finding and generating ideas too …

And you can read that on the WB blog here.

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