A trilogy of writing error …

I’d long been envisaging an eventual collection of four books in the Mistakes Writers Make series …. followed in future, perhaps, by a sequence of more specific titles written by other writing advisors — such as 50 Mistakes Travel Writers Make, 50 Mistakes Parenting Writers Make, and so on.

More about those future titles later …

But for now, the news: I’ve just published the third in the series — 50 Mistakes Writers Make — which takes the reader beyond the ‘Beginner’ mistakes of the first two books, and on to the next level: if you’ve had some publishing success, but are now keen to have a go at making a full-time living through your freelance writing, then this is the one for you.

It covers some familiar subjects in further depth — such as generating ideas and dealing with editors — but there are some new topics too, such as interviewing skills, negotiating fees, professionalism in the business, emotional health, blogging and more.

It was mainly written and compiled in a burst of will earlier this year, then ignored for about four or five months. I returned to it last month, and I think the long gap helped me enjoy the rewriting and polishing process so much more. It felt new, fresh, and sometimes didn’t even seem as if it were mine. I’ve been really relaxed about this one.

But here’s the thing — perhaps there won’t be four, after all. As I was editing the last couple of Mistakes, I increasingly felt a sense of completion taking over, which I eventually couldn’t ignore — so much so that I incorporated it into the final Mistake of the book. I will never say never, and 50 More Mistakes Writers Make could yet emerge in the 2020s, but as it stands I’ll be happy for the trio to remain a trio if that’s the way it turns out. We shall see.

Either way, if you buy it, I hope you like it. Feedback is welcome, as it always is.

As for those further books under the Mistakes Writers Make stable … well, although my contribution to the canon may be done, I’m certainly up for suggestions from writers who have some relevant experience and would like to write one — be it on travel writing, or food writing, or anything else in non-fiction. I’m afraid the advance would be a pittance, and it’s just a theoretical prospect at present, but if you like the idea in principle and want to get in touch to exchange some thoughts, you can email me through my website.

Or if you want to instead dip your toe into the world of writing mistakes through a Guest Mistake, then I’m happy to hear from you too!

50 Mistakes Writers Make is available as an ebook for Kindle (£2.99 / $3.69) or a paperback via Amazon (£4.99 / $6.49). Click here to buy. For e-readers and e-formats other than Amazon, please click here

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