Mistakes Writers Make is a website and blog for new, aspiring and more experienced writers of articles, features, essays and other forms of non-fiction — be it for magazines, newspapers or online media.

The blog covers writing mistakes commonly made by new writers — and gives advice on how to put them right — as well as topical or controversial writing issues, affecting all who work with the written word.

Elsewhere on the site there are market opportunities, non-fiction writing contests, useful links and much more.

The site is edited by me, Alex Gazzola — a writer with twenty years’ experience in the business, over ten as a writing tutor, and the author of several books for writers.


Latest Articles and Posts …

A Trilogy of Writing Error
A new ‘mistakes writers make’ book is out now! The third in the series is aimed at writers with some success under their belts, but who want some more …

Rejection for Writers
Getting rejected as a writer is normal — but to make it seem so we need to hear more ordinary tales of rejection from writers … don’t we? 

When can you call yourself a writer?
When should — and when shouldn’t — you use the ‘W word’? 

Do you want what you think you want?
All writers dream of writing a best-seller … Don’t they? Actually — no. Here’s why you should challenge yourself to be sure of what your ambitions are.

Keeping the Dream Alive (Mistake #127)
Newly published novelists who tell aspiring writers to “Never give up on your dreams!” …. Please stop at once. Here’s why.

Politics and Brexit and Writing
Has the stress of Brexit affected you as a writer? It has me — and not in a good way …

Do me a Favour
Here’s a post about asking writing favours of strangers, working for free, and the brilliant Helen Yendall’s book, Start a Creative Writing Class.

100 Mistakes in Print!
The first two books in the 50 Mistakes Writers Make series are now available in paperback … 

Finding the Right Word (Mistake #125)
If you find yourself writing ‘words can’t describe …’ then STOP. Words can describe … but you just have to find those words. But how? Here’s how …

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