The Mistakes Writers Make blog is open to guest posts!


1. I’m looking for informative posts by published writers with at least a few years’ experience under their belt, preferably with some background in giving advice to writers — be it in teaching (tutoring, lecturing), writing for the ‘writing advice’ press, as judges in writing competitions, or through running a writing blog, for example.

2. Posts should offer useful or practical advice to new or aspiring writers of non-fiction (newspapers, magazines, books, blogs, copywriting), based on a particular mistake such writers may be making.

3. Posts should usually include an explanation of the mistake, explain why the writer believes it to be one, and offer some guidance towards putting the mistake right. Anecdotes, examples and humour are all welcome!

4. Mistakes on any aspect of non-fiction or freelance journalism are considered — be it research, writing, pitching, dealing with editors, punctuation, grammar, tax, finances, markets etc.

5. Around 600-800 words are ideal, but less is fine. A headshot of your good self, or other illustration (eg book cover), or image that suitably illustrates the Mistake (providing you hold copyright) is welcome.

6. Ideas can be controversial; writing can be ranty!

7. Previously published ideas / material, albeit rewritten to suit the style of the blog, is acceptable.

8. Please contact me in the first instance with your idea, and I can advise whether I’ve broached the subject before and whether I think it may work for the blog. Email me through the Email Alex icon on my personal website.

9. Links to your websites and / or examples of published work will be provided at the top and/or foot of the post. Your post will be shared and credited on social media channels.

10. Writers will be expected to respond to at least some of any comments left by readers.


If you need inspiration, here are the previous Guest Blogs:

Guest Mistake #1: Claiming Divine Inspiration, by Lucy Mills

Guest Mistake #2: Crossed Wires, by Susie Kearley

Guest Mistake #3: Not Making the Most of Ideas and Material, by Patsy Collins


I look forward to hearing your ideas!

Alex Gazzola

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