Tools of the trade

What do you need to start up as a freelance writer? Other than books — which I recommend here — here are some suggestions for essential ‘kit’.

An Apple iMac
I can only recommend the one I own, which I’ve had for a few years and has been a smooth-working joy to use. It’s the Apple iMac 21.5 Inch with 2.7GHz Processor and 8GB RAM. Brilliant. It has never once crashed. There are others to browse here.

Indispensable these days as a gateway to a virtual infinity of words. There are many types now. Try the excellent and affordable Kindle eReader with touchscreen or the Kindle Paperwhite with hi-res display and built in light. The Kindle Voyage boasts an adaptive light as well as PagePress, and is thinner than both the standard Kindle and the Paperwhite. Browse them all here.

Voice recognition software
To give your fingers a break, and lessen the chances of future RSI. Besides, it’s remarkably good fun. The Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 13 (Home) (also available in Premium) is highly regarded. For a Mac, perhaps try the Dragon Dictate. Browse other voice recognition software here.

Voice recorder
Essential for interviews, conferences, or as an alternative to scribbling notes. Try Olympus models, such as the VN-731PC or the WS-831 – both of which have voice recognition software. Browse other voice recorders here.

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