Writing Your Non-Fiction Book

Those of you who read the previous incarnation of this blog might recall a long article which used to live there, called How to Write a Non-Fiction Book, which had originally started life as a three-parter for the now sadly defunct Freelance Market News.

I’ve now updated the articles, added a lot of extra material, thrown in the word ‘oomphlessness’ – for real – and the result is a modest little ebook called Writing Your Non-Fiction Book. It’s the first of what I hope will be several ‘special’ Mistakes Writers Make guides, each of which will be free or under a buck.

Part 1 takes the reader through the process of coming up with the idea for your book, through to proposing it and selling it to a publisher.

Part 2 covers the actual research and writing – as well as understanding the contract – copyright, licensing, terms and conditions and all.

Part 3, meanwhile, shows what you can do to help publicise and market your book.

For five days between 6th and 10th June, the book is available for free (usual price, 99p).

And you can find it on Amazon here

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