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Are W and Y vowels?

I am bereft. This wasn’t supposed to happen. You were meant to agree with me. The defeat is even more crushing than it appears, because I voted for myself from an other account. (Cheat.) By my calculations, this means only one voter agreed with my POV. Make yourself known to me, friend; we can set …

Reverse dictionary

I don’t know why I’ve not written about reverse dictionaries before. The subject sprung to mind recently during the weekly Twitter #writingchat — which turned out to be about gifts for writers. Trust me, a reverse dictionary would make a great gift for any writer — but one should be on your own bookshelf too. …

Bloglovin’ and unpaid contributors

Bloglovin’ are looking for contributors. Here, they say they’re after a ‘wave of talented food writers/curators’ willing to contribute ‘1-2 articles per week [unpaid]’ Here, more recently, they’re looking for a ‘wave of talented home decor writers/curators’ willing to contribute ‘1-2 articles per week [unpaid]’. Having secured $7m investment a couple of years ago, I …

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