UK & Ireland Markets

This is an evolving resource of British and Irish writers’ markets more welcoming to ideas, approaches and/or submissions from new writers — or which offer detailed writers’ guidelines online. 


Highly original / specialist short articles for children aged 8-13. Pay: £90.

Best of British

Monthly devoted to Britain’s nostalgia and heritage. ‘The Yesterday Remembered’ slot – £20 for up to 800 words.

Catholic Herald

Weekly Catholic paper. News, features, profiles, comment and articles on national and international religious affairs. Pay: around £70 per 1,000 words.

The Church of England Newspaper

Weekly Anglican paper. National and international news, features, profiles, politics, arts and culture, up to 1,000 words. Pay: around £40 per 1,000 words.

Church Times

Weekly Anglican paper. News, features, profiles, comment and articles up to 1,000 words on current religious topics. Pay: around £100 per 1,000 words.

Country Smallholding

Horticulture, poultry, farm animals, bees, trees, wildlife.

The Countryman

Countryside, nature, wildlife, profiles, history, rural issues. Pay: from £70 per 1,000 words.


‘Lakeland’s Favourite Magazine’. Local history, heritage, outdoor pursuits, wildlife etc. £70 per 1,000 words.


Yorkshire countryside, history, activities, nostalgia, profiles.

Devon Life

Devon lifestyle, property, food, profiles, places.

Disability Now

News, profiles, travel, reviews, issues, politics, entertainment, opinion – aimed at people with various disabilities and also of interest to carers and professionals.

Dogs Today

Monthly devoted to all who bark and all who feed them. Pay: around £80 per 1,000 words.


Monthly county magazine. Local culture, history, wildlife, people. Pay: around £75 per 1,000 words.

Dorset Life

Monthly county magazine. Features about Dorset and its towns. Pay: From £50 per 1,000 words.

Down Your Way

“Yorkshire’s nostalgic magazine”. Social history and nostalgia. Pay: up to £35 per 1,000 words.


Quarterly devoted to British nostalgia, custom, folklore, reminiscences and heritage. Pay: £15 per 1,000 words.

Family Tree

Genealogy. 600-2,000 words. Reader stories around £50.

Fly Past

Aviation history and heritage. Guidelines (for all Key Publishing submissions).


Modern and traditional folk music from around the world.

The Guardian

Open to professional pitches, but also has filler slots. A Letter to … pays £25.


Monthly county magazine. People, places, culture, nature, lifestyle, history.

History Today

All aspects of history.

The Green Parent

Bimonthly eco-parenting magazine. Organic gardening, natural health, sustainable lifestyle, environmental issues etc. Guidelines: here (PDF file). Pay: around £75 per 1,000 words.


Free monthly motivational Christian magazine. Profiles, interviews, testimonies, community projects, church life. Pay: around £105 per 1,000 words.

Life and Work

Magazine of the Church of Scotland. Features on Christianity, the Church of Scotland. £120 / one-page feature.

Lincolnshire Life

Monthly covering local heritage, culture, history, contemporary life, personalities, the arts and current affairs. No travel. £25 per page.


Magazine of women’s writing, mainly fictional forms, but also some opportunities for non-fiction. For current contributors’ guidelines, click here. £25 payment for most work.

New Humanist

Bimonthly humanist magazine opposing religious dogma and irrational ideas. Nominal payment.

The Northumbrian

Bimonthly covering local heritage, culture, history, local lifestyle, local personalities.

Practical Family History

Ancestry, human-interest, genealogy, social history, militiary history etc.

Oh Comely

Life and stories. Up to £100 per 1,000 words.

The Oldie

General interest articles and humour, especially for ‘I once met’ and ‘Rant’ slots. Pay: around £100 per 1,000 words. £50 for ‘Memory Lane’ slot – around 400 words. See examples here.

Owners Perspective

Leisure, property, and luxury travel magazine. Features and short fillers on these subjects, and golfing holidays, spas, hotel reviews, resorts, skiing, yachting, and more. Pay: from £15 to £100+.

Picture Postcard Monthly

Everything postcards – nostalgia, history, collecting etc.

Pro Traveller 

Articles on family travel – leaning towards historical and cultural trips – between 500 and 1,000 words. Payment: share of advertising revenue is minimum / between £35-£90. Photography useful. 

Scotland Outdoors

Adventure travel, outdoor sports, wildlife, ecology and conservation.

The Scots Magazine

Scottish people, places, culture, history, events etc. 1,000 to 2,500 words.

Scottish Home and Country

The magazine of the Scottish Women’s Rural Institutes. Illustrated crafts, personal histories, social history, health, travel, cookery, women’s interests. Pay: around £40 per 1,000 words.

Scottish Memories and History Scotland

Monthly devoted to Scottish history, nostalgia, arts, customs, sport, industry, showbiz, supernatural, legends, science and more. Pay: £70 per 1,000 words. £20 for ‘Scotland Remembered’ contribution.

The People’s Friend

750-1,000 word articles on ‘almost anything – nature, nostalgia, holidays, hobbies’.

This England

Quarterly devoted to all things England. Pay: £25 per 1,000 words.

Vale Life

Glossy lifestyle monthly covering the Vale of Glamorgan.


Independent, semi-independent and specialist travel – off-the-beaten track, and new angles on more familiar destinations.

Waterways World

Waterways, boats and boating, waterway history, current waterway affairs, canals and navigable rivers, whether operational or derelict.

Welsh Country

Welsh-interest features on history, nostalgia, countryside, people, places, arts, culture, food.


Innovations in business, pop culture, science, technology – themed around ‘change’ or ‘the future’.

Woman Alive

Monthly Christian woman’s magazine, featuring articles on inspirational women, faith, wellbeing, relationships and seasonal pieces. Guidelines are here (PDF file). Pay: Approx. £80 per 1,000 words.

Your Cat

Monthly feline interest magazine. Cat features. 800-1,000 word True Cat Tales – £40. 400 word ‘It happened to me…’ – £40.


Biweekly general interest and lifestyle magazine for the over fifties. Seeking 1950s / 1960s nostalgia and childhood memories.

Last updated: 29th November 2017.

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