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New ebook: 50 Mistakes Beginner Writers Make

I wouldn’t normally recommend taking around three years to finish a book, but that’s how long my latest appears to have taken me. What can I blame? Absence of editor breathing down my neck? No deadline to meet? Other work demanding daily attention? All of those things. Once I’d got into the swing of this …

The Book’s the Goal (Mistake #80)

Quite a lot of new writers tell me upfront that their ambition is to write and publish a book, and that’s cool. But a sizeable number make it also clear that a/ it’s the be-all-and-end-all of their ambition or b/ that they want it to be a fait accomplit by the end of the year. …

Writers write books (Mistake #70)

Here’s a wise quote from a writer of whom I’d not previously heard, but who contributed a piece for the latest edition of The Author. Her name is Juliet Gardiner. She wrote: “Writers have never sat at home writing books. What they have done – and continue to do – is sit at home writing …

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